Willempje Haalboom


Wife of Jan Kolenbrander (1809-1870).

She emigrated to the USA in 1856 with her husband and four daughters and one son, Hermanus Kolenbrander (1841-1864). While working on a nearby farm Hermanus was recruited on 01.03.1862 and served in the Civil War as a private in Iowa’s 17th Infantry Regiment K Company. He was taken prisoner of war on 23.11.1863 at Missionary Ridge (TN) and died on 12.07.1864 at the infamous POW camp at Andersonville GA.

Because her husband had died and Hermanus would have been her sole provider Willempje applied for a pension, but this was rejected. She went to court and finally on 26.07.1880 she was awarded a pension of $ 8 per month.

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