Photo gallery Ruud's family


Theodora Bernardina Everarda Jansen


With her sister Maria Catharina Jansen (1917-2002).


Erica Stuurman and Pieter Cornelis Hartman

(1940) - (1936-2020)

On their wedding day on 17.05.1961.


Pieter Cornelis Hartman


Husband of Erica Stuurman (1940).


Rudolf Stuurman and Anna Berendina Therese Kolenbrander

(1945) - (1947)

On our wedding day on 25.03.1966.


Theodorus Bernardus Everardus Stuurman and Marretje Lamberta Wolters

(1934) - (1936-2017)

On their wedding day on 24.09.1976.


Theodora Bernardina Everarda Jansen


Maria Anna Stuurman (1897-1989), my mother and Bertha Stuurman (1898-1982) in 1976. Both the sisters Stuurman were dedicated 'soldiers' of the Salvation Army.


Elisabeth Stuurman


She was my father's favourite sister. Her cause of death was recorded as a fall of a staircase. However the real circumstances were mysterious. My father was devastated and it led to a complete break with his family with exception of his two other sisters Maria Anna and Bertha. They acted as go-between for the different family members.


Elisabeth Stuurman and Willem Frederik Gotjé

(1911-1931) - (1908-1980)

My father always suspected that Willem Frederik Gotjé had something to do with the death of Elisabeth Stuurman.