Photo gallery Kolenbrander, Colenbrander and Koolenbrander family

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Agatha Maria Colenbrander

A ship carrying over 17 tons of gunpowder blew up in Leiden on January 12th 1807, 151 people were killed, 2000 wounded and 220 buildings were destroyed. One of the buildings was the boarding school of Agatha Maria Colenbrander she inherited 10 months before from her husband Jean Jacques Schneither. At the time of the explosion about 40 to 50 students were attending classes, three of them died in the collapse of the building.

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Jean Jacques Schneither

Husband of Agatha Maria Colenbrander (1762-1830).

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Frederik Christiaan Colenbrander

He was Lord of Millingen and lived on Reuversweerd in Brummen.

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Janna Tijhaar

Wife of Frederik Christiaan Colenbrander (1792-1875).

Maria Christina Alida Colenbrander

Gérard Jean Chrétien Schneither

Son of Agatha Maria Colenbrander (1762-1830) and Jean Jacques Schneither (1748-1806).

George Antoine Schneither

Son of Agatha Maria Colenbrander (1762-1830) and Jean Jacques Schneither (1748-1806).

Hendrik Jan Colenbrander

Theodorus Christiaan Colenbrander

Theodorus Christiaan came to Natal from Java in 1854 with an associate, Wilhelm van Prehn. They tried growing and manufacturing indigo at Pinetown in partnership with Archibald Keir Murray, but without success. Van Prehn left the Colony, but Theodorus remained. He acted on behalf of an emigration company named the Nederlandsche Landbouw Emigratie Maatschappij established in Holland by his brother reverend Herman Colenbrander and his two sons Johannes Arnoldus and Adriaan together with the Amsterdam ship-owner M.C. Lapidoth. They gained the approval of the Natal Executive Council to introduce young mechanics, farmers and labourers, who had been educated by a benevolent society. The aim of this emigration was to place these young people in other parts of the world, and thus to remove them from what was described as, ‘the contamination of European poverty’. The first batch arrived in May 1857, and from then until July 1860, at least six ships landed at Durban, introducing to the Colony surnames such as Wassink, Theunissen, Ente and Gielink, as well as more Colenbranders.
He was the founder of New Gelderland Natal (RSA) where he owned a farm and the New Gelderland Sugar Factory.

Willempje Haalboom

Wife of Jan Kolenbrander (1809-1870).

She emigrated to the USA in 1856 with her husband and four daughters and one son, Hermanus Kolenbrander (1841-1864). While working on a nearby farm Hermanus was recruited on 01.03.1862 and served in the Civil War as a private in Iowa's 17th Infantry Regiment K Company. He was taken prisoner of war on 23.11.1863 at Missionary Ridge (TN) and died on 12.07.1864 at the infamous POW camp at Andersonville GA.

Because her husband had died and Hermanus would have been her sole provider Willempje applied for a pension, but this was rejected. She went to court and finally on 26.07.1880 she was awarded a pension of $ 8 per month.

Heinrich Johann Boland
(1814-1901)Husband of Johanna Catharina Willemina Kolenbrander (1818-1881).

Boland family - Spork NW (DEU) August 1901.

Standing: Elisabeth Johanna (1888-1982), Gerhard Emil (1804-1904), Wilhelmina Bernardina (1879-1962), Johann (1845-1904), Johanna Henriette (1891-1982), Heinrich Johann (1877-1953). Wilhelm Johann (1885-1982).

Front: Dina Johanna (1883-1962), Heinrich Johann (1814-1901) widower of Johanna Catharina Willemina Kolenbrander (1818-1881), Johann Bernard (1894-1923), Henriette Schepers (1885-1902) and on her lap Bertha Gesina (1899-1969), Dina Aleida te Beest (1869-1953) and on her lap Frederik Gerrit (1901-1970).

Gustav van Hecking Colenbrander

He was a naval commander and was awarded in 1854 with the Militaire Willems-Orde 4th class (highest honour for bravery).

Gerrit Kwak

Husband of Aleida Wendelina Colenbrander (1831-1861) and after her death he married her sister Hanna Willemina Colenbrander (1839-1929). He was miller on ‘De Haan’. At first he was a leaseholder but after a couple of years he bought the mill. From then on the mill was known as the ‘Kwaksmölle’.

Garrit Jan Gosselink and Derkje Colenbrander
(1829-1908) - (1836-1916)

Garrit Jan emigrated to the USA in 1847 on the ship Nagasaki.

Maria Johanna Arnolda Colenbrander

Together with two of her grandchildren.

Hendrik Anne Tjeenk Willink

Son of Aleida Maria Colenbrander (1791-1870) and Harmanus Didericus Tjeenk Willink (1790-1859).

Leonardus Kolenbrander

Frederik Christiaan Colenbrander

He was Lord of Millingen and lived on Reuversweerd in Brummen.

Hendrika Kornelia Colenbrander

Baroness van Brakell van Wadenoijen en Doorwerth

Jacob Adriaan Sweder Baron van Brakell van Wadenoijen en Doorwerth
Adrianus Colenbrander

Born in Herwen (Gld) he left in 1858 for Natal in South Africa. After his marriage in The Netherlands he returned with his wife to Natal. They settled on the farm ‘Hummelo’ on the banks of the Nonoti River.

Jeanne Jacqueline Brunner

Wife of Adrianus Colenbrander (1838-1909).

Adrianus Colenbrander and Jeanne Jacqueline Brunner
(1838-1909) - (1841-1917)

Standing from left to right: Adriaan Lucas Brunner Colenbrander (1880), Alida Sophia Colenbrander (1878-1959), Adriaan Leopold Brunner Colenbrander (1884-1941) and Christina Louise Colenbrander (1882-1960). Sitting are Adrianus Colenbrander (1838-1909), Jeanne Jacqueline Brunner (1841-1917) and in front of them Violet Nancy Berend (1905-1989), daughter of Alida Sophia.

Theodoor Christiaan Adriaan Colenbrander

He was a well-known designer of ceramics, pottery and carpets. Today his work is highly sought-after and displayed in museums all over the world, for instance the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Victoria and Albert in London. On the open market it fetches very high prices with antique dealers and at auctions.

For his work he rearranged his initials to T.A.C.

Petrus Jacobus Colenbrander

He was a manufacturer of sunblinds.

Derk Willem Colenbrander and Berendina Johanna Westerveld
(1850-1931) - (1853-1943)

50th Wedding anniversary (1929).

He was farmer on the ‘Bettekamp’ and considered as an authority on agriculture.

Willem Kolenbrander
Antonetta Berndina Overgoor

Wife of Willem Kolenbrander (1850-1921). She brought a hereditary hearing impairment into the family.

Gerardus Theodorus Colenbrander

After completing his education in Holland, together with his brothers Adriaan and Antonie, he joined the Dutch Navy where he served as an engineer. He was recalled by his father to help him run the farm and sugar mill at New Guelderland. He was also the Postmaster of New Guelderland.

Grace Jane Essery

Wife of Gerardus Theodorus Colenbrander (1850-1926).

Johanna Cornelia Kopmels

Wife of Johannes Kolenbrander (1841-1889).

Nicolaas Gijsbertus Weijland and Johanna Berendina Kolenbrander
(1854-1936) - (1853-1937)
Gerrit Colenbrander and Grada Ormel
(1854-1936) - (1850-1935)
Albartus Colenbrander

This picture was taken on 25.04.1900 when he was arrested for vagrancy.

Johan Willem Colenbrander

Standing are two of his fellow officers, one of them is his brother-in-law Frank Mullins.

Johan Willem Colenbrander

Zulu nickname ‘Sishungushwana emhlope’ which means “The White Whirlwind’.

During his lifetime he participated in a number of key events, including the Zulu War, the visit of Lobengula's indunas to Queen Victoria, Rhodes' expansion into Mashonaland where he acted as interpreter, the Ndebele Rebellion, and the Anglo-Boer War (during which he raised and commanded a unit named 'Kitchener's Fighting Scouts'). After several unsuccessful business ventures, he obtained employment in 1917 with I.W. Schlesinger's film company, helping to organize labour for the filming of The Symbol of Sacrifice. He played the part of Lord Chelmsford in the film and drowned as he tried to cross the Klip River on horseback.
For his military services he was awarded with the CB (Companion of the Order of the Bath).

In The Netherlands he was renounced by his Dutch family because he fought on the English side during the Angla-Boer War. However they probably didn't realise he grew up in the English part of South-Africa and had no feelings whatsoever to the cause of the Boers.

Maria and Elizabeth Mullins
(1861-1900) - (1860-1935)

Maria Mullins was the first wife of Johan Willem Colenbrander and lived a great part of her life with him at the kraal of king Lobengula in Bulawayo in today Zimbabwe. Johan and she were trusted by the Matabele king and both spoke the language.

Elizabeth Mullins was married to Johan Willem's brother Alphonse Charles Colenbrander (1867-1904). They also lived at Bulawayo.

Both women were perfect shots.

Catherine Gloster

Third wife of Johan Willem Colenbrander (1855-1918)

The Gloster family - circa 1898 at Clonmellane House, Firies, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Front from left to right: Mr. Heffernan (family friend), Esther Anne Groves (1845-1933) with Maurice Beatty Gloster (1896) son of Arthur Gloster and Eleanor Mary Beattie, James Gloster (1837-1916), Catharine Gloster (1878-1972), wife of Johan Willem Colenbrander (1855-1918)

Back from left to right: Esther Ann Gloster (1888-1980), Thomas Gloster (1883), Arthur Gloster (1867-1922), James Gloster (1869-1946), Frances Ann (1864-1950) wife of James Gloster, Cornelius Gloster (1872-1907), Mary Jane Gloster (1875-1975).

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander and Trientje Schutten
(1856-1917) - (1857-1923)

Back row from left to right: Gerrit (1885-1976), Hendrik Jan (1891-1970), Gerrit Jan (1897-1968), Geesje (1889-1946), Janna (1893-1982) and Jantje (1882-1971). Front row from left to right: Hendrik (1881-1971), Gerrit Jan (1856-1917), Trientje Schutten (1857-1923) and Willem (1884-1983).

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander and Trientje Schutten
(1856-1917) - (1857-1923)

Their sons from left to right: Hendrik Kolenbrander (1881-1971), Willem Kolenbrander (1884-1971), Gerrit Kolenbrander (1885-1976), Hendrik Jan (1891-1970) and Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1897-1968).

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander and Trientje Schutten
(1856-1917) - (1857-1923)

Their daughters from left to right: Janna Kolenbrander (1893-1982), Geesje Kolenbrander (1889-1946) and Jantje Kolenbrander (1882-1971).

Derk Jan Koolenbrander and Elisabeth Kolenbrander
(1858-1940) - (1865-1918)
Jan Colenbrander and Grada Hendrika Colenbrander
(1858-1916) – (1862-1944)

Derk Jan was a coppersmith and they are standing in front of their shop, together with two of their children, Engelina Johanna (1890-1981) and Johan Hendrik (1893-1950).

Dirk Johannes Kolenbrander
Dirk Johannes Kolenbrander and Margaretha Hermanna Cator
(1859-1934) – (1861-1916)

Together with seven of their children.

The children from left to right  -  Burgje (1888-1962), Andries (1893-1951), Gerrit (1886-1953), Margaretha Hermanna (1890-1954), Dirk Johannes (1895-1977), Gerardina Hermanna (1887-1973)  -  in front  -  Thomas (1891-1974).

Gustaaf Paul van Hecking Colenbrander

Vice-Admiral of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Hendrik Willem (Henry) Kolenbrander and Martha De Bruin
(1861-1943) - (1871-1942)

After the death of his parents he lived with relatives in Aalten; he emigrated to the USA on 21.07.1880. His brother Gerhardus Bernardus followed him in 1882.

Hendrik Willem (Henry) Kolenbrander and Martha De Bruin
(1861-1943) - (1871-1942)

He and his brother Gerhardus Bernardus moved from Michigan to Pella IA for, as they said, to look for 'a good christian girl to marry'. They found them in the sisters De Bruin, daughters of Jan De Bruin (1838-1915) and Rikje Kolenbrander (1843-1919). Rikje was a daughter of Jan Kolenbrander (1809-1870) and Willempje Haalboom (1814-1893).

Hendrik Willem (Henry) Kolenbrander and Martha De Bruin
(1861-1943) - (1871-1942)

Together with their four children.

Standing from left to right: Johanna Aleida Kolenbrander (1898-1979) and Rachel Kolenbrander (1902-1993), sitting Dirk John Kolenbrander (1905-2001) and Dena Wilhelmina Kolenbrander (1905-2001).

Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander and Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands
(1863-1945) - (1874-1958)

After the death of his parents he lived with relatives in Ede; he followed his brother Hendrik Willem (Henry) and emigrated to the USA on 08.02.1882. After the death of his first wife Wilhelmina De Bruin (1865-1898) he married Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands.

Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander and Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands
(1863-1945) - (1874-1958)

On their wedding day 09.08.1900.

Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander and Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands
(1863-1945) - (1874-1958)

With their nine surviving children and the two children from Gerhardus first marriage with Wilhelmina De Bruin (1865-1898).

Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander

Together with his family.

Standing -  Anna Angeline Kolenbrander (1909-2003), Elias Kolenbrander (1905-1992), ?, William Bernard Kolenbrander (1911-1983), ?,  Henry William Kolenbrander (1907-2001), James John Kolenbrander (1912-1993),  -  front  -  Berdina Magdalena Kolenbrander (1914-2003), Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands (1874-1958), Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander (1863-1945), Janet Sarah Kolenbrander (1909-2002).

Cornelia Magdalena Hollebrands

Wife of Gerhardus Bernardus Kolenbrander (1863-1945)

With Grace Opal Quick (1918-1989) and Berdina Magdalena Kolenbrander (1914-2003).

Caroline Christine Peltzer

Wife of Johan Hendrik van Hecking Colenbrander (1858-1893).

Willempje De Bruin

Daughter of Rikje Kolenbrander (1843-1919) and Jan De Bruin (1838-1915).

Johanna Anna Jacoba Colenbrander
Berendina Willemina Kolenbrander

After the death of her parents she was taken in by relatives in Varsseveld. From then until her marriage she had to do household chores and take care of the livestock. Because of this she hardly attended school and stayed illiterate. This was stated in bold letters on her identity card during World War II.

Her grandson Jan Willem Huitink (1931-2008) remembered that because of her illiteracy people thought of her as ignorant. After the death of her husband Derk Gerrit Meijerman (1861-1911) she took over the farm and Jan Willem said 'how can you run a farm and be ignorant'.

Berendina Willemina Kolenbrander
Hermina Arriëtta Colenbrander

She is standing behind her daughter Willemina Arriëtta Geurkink (1902-1987) and her husband Hendrik Jan Willem Raat (1908-1955) on their wedding day on 11.08.1933.

Henriëtte Engbertine Colenbrander

Baroness van Sytzama

Her father Frederik Christiaan Colenbrander (1835-1914) was one of the richest men in The Netherlands. Through her his vast fortune came into the Van Sytzama family. The family lived on the estate Reuvensweerd in Brummen (Gld).

Maurits Pico Diederik Baron van Sytzama

Husband of Henriëtte Engbertine Colenbrander (1866-1941).


Henriëtte Engbertine Colenbrander

Baroness van Sytzama

With her two children Johannes Galenus Willem Hendrik Baron van Sytzama (1900-1945) and Jacoba Catharina Baroness van Sytzama (1899-1995).

Arend Hermanus Kolenbrander and Cornelia Lingmont
(1866-1958) - (1865-1954)

With their family

From left to right: Adriana Johanna (1904-1961), Dirkje Johanna (1899-1989), Arend Hermanus (1866-1958), Cornelia Wilhelmina (1897-1985), Hillegonda Cornelia (1895-1985), Cornelia Lingmont (1865-1954), Gerardina Hermina (1901-1949) and Louis Andries (1893-1973). The portrait is of their son Arend Hermanus (1906-1917) who died of polio.

Arend Hermanus Kolenbrander and Cornelia Lingmont
(1866-1958) - (1865-1954)

On their 60th wedding anniversary in 1952.

Wilhelmus Johannes Koolenbrander and Catharina Wilhelmina Köster
(1866-1943) - (1882-1945)

On their 25th wedding anniversary.

Standing from left to right: Johannes Wilhelmus (1895-1971), Anna (1912-2004), Christina (1910-2004), Elisabeth Wilhelmina (1907-1989), Wilhelmina Johanna (1917-2007), Hendrikus Antonius (1897-?). The two sons are from Johannes Wilhelmus' first marriage to Johanna Christina Croesen (1867-1905).

Andries Kolenbrander and Antonia Lamfers
(1866-1939) - (1861-1950)
Mattheus Colenbrander

He was a doctor of medicine and a physician.

Frederik Christiaan Colenbrander

He was Lord of Millingen and lived on Reuversweerd in Brummen.

Maria Kolenbrander
Pieter Willem van Tuijl

Husband of Maria Kolenbrander (1868-1948).

Jantje (Jane) De Bruin

Daughter of Rikje Kolenbrander (1843-1919) and Jan De Bruin (1838-1915).

Jantje (Jane) De Bruin and Arie Cornelis De Jong
(1868-1956) - (1866-1938)

Daughter of Rikje Kolenbrander (1843-1919) and Jan De Bruin (1838-1915).

Jantje (Jane) De Bruin and Arie Cornelis De Jong
(1868-1956) - (1866-1938)

Daughter of Rikje Kolenbrander (1843-1919) and Jan De Bruin (1838-1915) with the first six of their twelve children.

Standing from left to right: Martin Arie De Jong (1892-1920), John Arie De Jong (1889-1968) and Mary De Jong (1888-1931).
Sitting from left to right: Arie Cornelis De Jong (1866-1938), Margaret De Jong (1896-1986), Richard Arie De Jong (1894-1988), Jantje (Jane) De Bruin (1868-1956) and baby Jacob Arie De Jong (1898-1951).
Picture was taken in 1900.

Johan Willem Kwak

Son of Hanna Willemina Colenbrander (1839-1929) and Gerrit Kwak (1825-1890). He succeeded his father as miller on the ‘Kwaksmölle’.

William Johannes Vanderlinden and Margaret Beatrice Smorenburg
(1869-1924) - (1878-1942)

Son of Jannigje Kolenbrander (1838-1875) and Leendert van der Linden (1838-1902).

Viola Eugenia Colenbrander

Samuel Martin Ross

Husband of Viola Eugenia Colenbrander (1870-1945).

Herman Theodoor Colenbrander

He was a historian and the first director of the Commissie van Advies voor 's Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën, which later on became the Institute of Dutch History. Since 1908 he was a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Between 1918 and 1925 he worked as a History professor at Leiden. He published several books on the subject of Dutch emigration. In 1933 he was accused of plagiarism by two of his colleagues but the accusation was unfounded.

Herman Theodoor Colenbrander
Geertruida Suzanna Colenbrander and Gijsbertus Johannes ter Kuile
(1872-1959) - (1871-1954)

Gijsbertus Johannes was an attorney and inspector of elementary education.

Jan Karel Kolenbrander and Harmina Sieveking
(1872-1937) - (1873-1958)
Adriana Cornelia Petronella Colenbrander
Catharine Centennial Colenbrander
Harm Kolenbrander and Martje Hemmes
(1876-1957) - (1885-1929)
Derk Willem Colenbrander

He was farmer on ‘Dijkshuis’.

Berendina Antonetta Luimes

Wife of Derk Willem Colenbrander (1876-1964).

Ernesta Augusta Colenbrander
Ernesta Augusta Colenbrander and Cuthbert Colenso Cock Foxon
(1876-1917) - (1867-1934)

With their son Colin Cuthbert Foxon (1913-1987).

Johan Fredrik Colenbrander

He was missionary at Melolo on the island of Sumba (IDN). On his return he became reverend at Vriezenveen (Ov).

Johan Fredrik Colenbrander and Jantina Catrina Boswijk
(1887-1964) - (1885-1964)With their two youngest daughters Alida (1918-2003) and Dedje Cathrina Gezina (1922-1992). The other children were living in The Netherlands for their education.
Theresia Kolenbrander

Together with two of her siblings, Bernhardina Maria Kolenbrander (1888-1986) and Wilhelm Jakob Kolenbrander (1885-1973).

Albert Helenus Colenbrander
Antonij Herman Colenbrander and Rienje Cornelia Hoekstra
(1880-1937) - (1882-1969)

He was director of the dairy factory ‘Insulinde’ in Breukelen (Ut).

Rienje Cornelia Hoekstra

Wife of Antonij Herman Colenbrander (1880-1937).

Hendrik Kolenbrander
Hendrik Kolenbrander and Grietje Klok
(1881-1971) - (1882-1956)

Their daughters from left to right: Hendrikje Kolenbrander (1911-1981), Geesje Kolenbrander (1911-1997), Trijntje Kolenbrander (1905-1981) and Anna Kolenbrander (1908-1992).

Andries Johannes Kolenbrander
Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander
Aagje de Graaf

Wife of Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander (1881-1981).

Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander and Aagje de Graaf
(1881-1981) - (1883-1958)

On their 50th wedding anniversary.

From left to right
top row  -  Antje Poldervaart (1912-1965), Neeltje van Wezel (1913-1998), Geertrui Magdalena Mol (1909-1995), Jannetje Schouten (1917-1993), Johannnes Nicolaas Kolenbrander (1916-1997), Klaas Rijpsma (1910-1988), Gerrit Visser (1915-1975)
middle row  -  Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander (1913-1983), Jan Karel Kolenbrander (1911-1993), Dirk Kolenbrander (1909-1984), Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander (1881-1981), Aagje de Graaf (1883-1958), Jacoba Jacomina Kolenbrander (1914-2010), Cornelia Reiniera Johanna Kolenbrander (1917-1975)
bottom row  -  Ida van der Touw (1922-2007), Leendert Kolenbrander (1920-1980), Johannes Theodorus Verschoor (1925-), Aagje Kolenbrander (1924-1987), Cornelia vd Meeberg (1929-), Gerardus Johannes Kolenbrander (1922-2002).

Jantje Kolenbrander
Jantje Kolenbrander

From left to right: Annigje Klaassen (1898-1987), Jantje Kolenbrander (1882-1971), Gerrit Kolenbrander (1885-1976), Geertje Berends (1889-1978), Hendrik Jan Kolenbrander (1891-1970) and Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1897-1968).

John Kolenbrander and Berta Henrietta Bouwman

With their children Harold Kolenbrander (1906-1934), Fredric Anthony Kolenbrander (1910-1979) and Julianna Kolenbrander (1912-2001). Harold died from a scratch of a rabid dog.

Gilles Nicolaas Kolenbrander and Maria Martha Elisabeth Gottman
(1884-1957) - (1885-1957)
Adriaan Leopold Brunner Colenbrander

Zulu nickname ‘Upenyane’ which means ‘The one who enquires very deeply into the matter’.

He held several posts as a magistrate for the Civil Service. Later he became farmer on Goedgeloof.

Margaret Lilian Wood

Wife of Adriaan Leopold Brunner Colenbrander (1884-1941)

Adriaan Leopold Brunner Colenbrander and Margaret Lilian Wood
(1884-1941) - (1891-1968)

On their wedding day 21.09.1910.

Herman William Vander Linden

Son of Jenneke Kolenbrander (1847-1928) and Willem (William) van der Linden (1843-1903).

Derk Willem Colenbrander and Gerritjen Tuenter
(1885-1984) - (1905-1994)

With their children on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Gerrit Kolenbrander and Geertje Berends
(1885-1876) - (1889-1978)
Geertje Berends

Wife of Gerrit Kolenbrander (1885-1976).

Gerrit Kolenbrander and Geertje Berends
(1885-1976) - (1889-1978)

Their children from left to right: Tinus Kolenbrander (1929), Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1918-1992), Geert Kolenbrander (1924-2010) and Jantje Kolenbrander (1920-1991).

Wilhelm Jakob Kolenbrander and Maria Johanna Elisabeth Bosch
(1885-1973) - (1896-1934)
Marinus Hendricus Colenbrander
Johanna Jacoba van der Vegt

Second wife of Marinus Hendricus Colenbrander (1886-1969).

Gerrit Kolenbrander

Willemina Frederika Jansen

Daughter of Hendrika Johanna Colenbrander (1863-1928) and Derk Jan Jansen (1863-1951).

Gustaaf Paul van Hecking Colenbrander

As a 1st Lieutenant infantry he switched in 1914 to the Luchtvaartafdeling (LVA), the predecessor of the Royal Air Force, first as an observer and later as pilot. He survived several air crashes and attained the rank of Commander-Major. During WW II he was a prisoner of war but was released due to his bad health.

He was also a successful soccer player and played as an international for The Netherlands and the Dutch Military Team.

Burgje Kolenbrander

With her two sisters Margaretha Hermanna Kolenbrander (1890-1954) and Gerardina Hermanna Kolenbrander (1887-1973).

Berdina Hermina Broekgaarden

Daughter of Harmina Colenbrander (1862-1893) and Bernard Broekgaarden (1860-1928). Together with her two daughters Berndina Hermina Vriezen (1919-2008) and Johanna Vriezen (1922-1970).

Johanna Theodora Meijerman and Theodorus Johan Klein Hesselink
(1888-1974) – (1887-1976)

On the way to their wedding on 02.04.1914. She was a daughter of Berendina Willemina Kolenbrander (1864-1953) and Derk Gerrit Meijerman (1861-1911).

Willemina Berendina Colenbrander

Jan Willem Gijsbers

Husband of Willemina Berendina Colenbrander (1888-1956).

Bernhardina Maria Kolenbrander

Bernhardina was an achondroplast (midget) and had a length of about 140 centimeters. She was a seamstress, but had a difficult life because she was dependent on poor and church relief.

Everdina Broekgaarden and Jan de Graaf
(1889-1956) – (1894-1954)

Daughter of Harmina Colenbrander (1862-1893) and Bernard Broekgaarden (1860-1928) with her husband and their children Sijmen Bernard de Graaf (1924-1989) and Johanna Hermina de Graaf (1925-2013).

Antonius Theodorus Colenbrander

He was troop captain and a well-known horseman who took part of the Olympic Games in Paris 1924 and Amsterdam 1928. At the games in Paris he won a gold medal in the discipline Military Teams. He died in 1929 as a result of a fall of his horse during a jumping event in Zelhem (Gld).

Antonius Theodorus Colenbrander

Johanna Willemina Vriezen

Daughter of Aleida Willemina Colenbrander (1859-1941) and Bernard Vriezen (1851-1919).

Johanna Willemina Vriezen and Gerhard Bruens
(1889-1972) – (1880-1955)

Together with their ten children.

Johanna Berendina Colenbrander and Johan Herman Semmelink
(1890-1981) - (1884-1953)

With their children and on the right Berendina Johanna Westerveld (1853-1943), wife of Derk Willem Colenbrander (1850-1931), the parents of Johanna Berendina.

Engelina Johanna Colenbrander

She's sitting on the right side.

Engelina Johanna Colenbrander and Carel Frederik Utzmann
(1890-1981) - (1884-1930)

They were married by proxy on 11.04.1912.

Johannes Berendinus Weijland

Son of Johanna Berendina Kolenbrander (1853-1937) and Nicolaas Gijsbertus Weijland (1854-1936).

Bernardus Willem van Tuijl

Son of Maria Kolenbrander (1868-1948) and Pieter Willem van Tuijl (1866-1918).

Johanna Colenbrander
Gerrit Johan Heusinkveld

Husband of Johanna Colenbrander (1891-1969). He was farmer on ‘Gelkink’.

Hendrik Jan Kolenbrander and Annigje Klaassen
(1891-1970) - (1898-1987)
Hendrik Jan Kolenbrander and Annigje Klaassen
(1891-1970) - (1898-1987)

With their children from left to right: Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1920-1999), Aleida Kolenbrander (1931) and Gerrit Kolenbrander (1924-2016).

Henricus Kolenbrander

Wilhelmina Baas

Wife of Louis Andries Kolenbrander (1893-1973).

Catharina den Heijer

First wife of Andries Kolenbrander (1896-1993).

Constance Addison

Daughter of Rosalie Benoni Colenbrander (1870-1901) and Walter Harding Bovell Addison (1859-1931).

She trained as a nurse in England. After her two brothers Ernest Colenbrander Addison and Alphonse Colenbrander Addison were killed in action in WWI she returned to South Africa on the SS Galway Castle on 10th September 1918. At 07.30 hrs on 12th September 1918 when two days out from Plymouth, the ship was torpedoed by U-82 and broke her back. At the time she was carrying 400 South African walking wounded, 346 passengers and 204 crew members. So severe was the damage that it was thought that she would sink immediately and it was apparent that U-82 was lining up for another attack. In the rush to abandon ship several lifeboats were swamped by the heavy seas and many finished up in the sea. However, the U-boat did not mount a further attack and the Galway Castle continued to wallow for three days. Destroyers were summoned by radio to rescue survivors who were taken back to Plymouth where it was ascertained that 143 persons had perished, among them Cornelia Addison.

Johannes Marinus Rid and Emilie Bernardina Hendrika Schoenmakers
(1893-1966) – (1895-1973)

Son of Jansje Kolenbrander (1859-1946).

Janna Kolenbrander
Janna Kolenbrander and Hendrikus Hindriks
(1893-1982) - (1894-1959)
Johanna Maria Cornelia Gerardina Kolenbrander
Hermanus Cornelis Groen

Husband of Johanna Maria Cornelia Gerardina Kolenbrander (1894-1966).

Theodore Colenbrander
Ernest Colenbrander Addison

Son of Rosalie Benoni Colenbrander (1870-1901) and Walter Harding Bovell Addison (1859-1931).

He was killed in action by a shell at Vierstraat Ridge near Ieper (BEL).

Dirk Johannes Kolenbrander
Bernard Christiaan Koolenbrander and Hermina Aalderink
(1895-1936) - (1898-1961)

With their children Bertus (1921-1972), Cornelis Johannes (1924-1996) and Gerard Albertus (1927-1998).

Johanna Lamberta Colenbrander

Together with her brother Petrus Jacobus Colenbrander (1902-1989).

Toni Hugh Colenbrander

He served in World War I in Flanders in the Natal Mounted Rifles. He was severely wounded but eventually fully recovered.

Charlotte Henrietta Matthews

Wife of Toni Hugh Colenbrander (1895-1964).

Johanna Lamberta Colenbrander

Together with her brother Petrus Jacobus Colenbrander (1902-1989).

Alphonse Colenbrander Addison

Son of Rosalie Benoni Colenbrander (1870-1901) and Walter Harding Bovell Addison (1859-1931).

He was killed in action on the Somme (FRA).

Anna Gesina Colenbrander and Cecil Hendrik Neumann
(1896-1946) – (1890-1959)

On their wedding day 22.01.1917.

Marie A. Hoffius

Daughter of Johanna Gerdina Kolenbrander (1874-1919) and Dominicus (Mitchell) Hoffius (1872-1936).

Gerritje Pieternella van Tuijl

Daughter of Maria Kolenbrander (1868-1948) and Pieter Willem van Tuijl (1866-1918).

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander and Jantiena Margreta Hindriks
(1897-1967) - (1897-1977)

With their grandchildren Herman Bril (1944) and Jantiena Margretha Bril (1941-1992).

Jantiena Margreta Hindriks

Wife of Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1897-1967) with Trijntje Kolenbrander (1905-1981) and Hermina Snijders, wife of Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1917-1975).

Madge Benoni Nicolina Colenbrander

Cornelia Wilhelmina Kolenbrander

Klaas van Ingen

Husband of Cornelia Wilhelmina Kolenbrander (1897-1985).

Antonia Kolenbrander

She was congratulated on het 110th birthday by the mayoress of ‘s-Gravenhage Jetta Klijnsma on 06.01.2008. Two months later she died. Antonia was almost blind for more than 30 years.

Geesje Kolenbrander and Geert Leferink
(1898-1947) - (1888-1984)

Together with their children.

From left to right back row: Hermina (1930), Johanna (1923-1997), Dina (1921-2004), Gerrit Jan (1924), Herman (1926) and Gerrit (1928)
front row: Geertruida (1934), Aaltje (1938), Albert (1936) and Geert (1933).

Grada Wesselina Colenbrander
Arend Gerrit Willink

Husband of Grada Wesselina Colenbrander (1898-1975).

Johanna Aleida Kolenbrander and Jacob A.B. Vos
(1898-1979) - (1887-1968)

On their wedding day 22.12.1927.

Johan Lassche

Husband of Dora Willemina Kolenbrander (1897-1955).

Maria Stephania Kiwitz


Wife of Johannes Wilhelmus Koolenbrander (1895-1971).

Derk Hendrik Koolenbrander and Catharina Jantina Elisabeth Bijmolt
(1899-1976) - (1901-1985)

With their children Elisabeth Kornelia (1926-2017) and Egge Derk Jan (1928-1945).

In March 1945 Doetinchem was bombarded by mistake by allied airplanes. Egge Derk Jan was one of the victims.

Willem Jozef van Tuijl

Son of Maria Kolenbrander (1868-1948) and Pieter Willem van Tuijl (1866-1918). He died on 21.05.1945 as a prisoner of war doing forced labour on the Pakanbaroe railway in the Dutch East Indies.

Dirkje Johanna Kolenbrander and Willem Strating
(1899-1989) - (1898-1966)

With their son Herman Strating (1931-2021).

Christina Francisca Colenbrander

Hendrik Koolenbrander and Margarete Johanna Mülder
(1900-?) - (1909-2002)

On the right her mother and sister.

Vera Hope Nancy Colenbrander

She was a well-known musician, a viola and violin player as well as a singer. She played in the Durban Symphony Orchestra.

Grada Willemina Hofs

Daughter of Grada Anna Colenbrander (1864-1924) and Gerhard Johan Hofs (1860-1937).

Johannes Galenus Willem Hendrik Baron van Sytzama

Son of Henriëtte Engbertine Colenbrander (1866-1941) and Maurits Pico Diederik Baron van Sytzama (1868-1939). He lived on Reuversweerd and was the owner of an agricultural farm and a stud farm. He was executed by a Dutch SS firing squad on 13.04.1945 at Groot Engelenburg. His widow stipulated that Reuversweerd never again should be occupied or entered. The clock at the front of the house was fixed on the time the baron died.

Johannes Galenus Willem Hendrik Baron van Sytzama and Blanche Elise Elodie van Olden
(1900-1945) - (1908-1994)

Son of Henriëtte Engbertine Colenbrander (1866-1941) and Maurits Pico Diederik Baron van Sytzama (1868-1939) and his first wife.

Albert Kolenbrander

Harmina Bekman

Wife of Albert Kolenbrander (1900-1980).

Albert Kolenbrander and Harmina Bekman
(1900-1980) - (1903-1989)

With their family.

Standing from left to right: Fenna Alberdina Kolenbrander (1929-2017), Johanna Harmina Kolenbrander (1923-2016), Harm Kolenbrander (1927-1997), Egberdina Kolenbrander (1903-1988), sister of Albert, and Albert Kolenbrander (1932-2011).

Sitting from left to right: Harmina Bekman (1903-1989) with Geesje Kolenbrander (1939-2017), Harm Kolenbrander (1871-1950) and Albert Kolenbrander (1900-1980).

Johannes Marinus Kolenbrander


Hendrika Flick

Wife of Johannes Marinus Kolenbrander (1900-1994).


Bernard Willem Colenbrander

He was a civil engineer and representative of the Dutch East Indies Railway.


Johan Christiaan Colenbrander

He's the one in the middle.

Johanna Engelina Koldewei

Wife of Johan Christiaan Colenbrander (1901-1991). With her parents and on her lap her son Hendrik Willem Johan Colenbrander (1940).

Joan Edmee Colenbrander

She died in a car crash in South Africa in the early 1970's.

Hendrik Theodoor van Hecking Colenbrander

Hendrik Theodoor van Hecking Colenbrander and Melania Bierlee
(1902-1973) - (1909-1999)

Hendrik Theodoor van Hecking Colenbrander and Melania Bierlee
(1902-1973) - (1909-1999)

With their children Edward Charles (1938), Evelyne Grace (1934) and Beatrix Irene (1940).

Arthur Henry Johan Colenbrander

He died of a broken neck due to a diving accident.

Trijntje Kolenbrander and Trijntje Kolenbrander
(1921-2008) – (1905-1981)

Trijntje Kolenbrander

Elias Kolenbrander

While farming in the Pella area he purchased a Travel Air bi-plane in 1930. Mid 1931 he was issued his pilot license and retired from farming. He intended to fly freight and post and the occasional tourist for a roundtrip. Due to the crisis the enterprise was not successful; he sold the plane at the end of 1933 and became an automobile salesman.

Jan Karel Kolenbrander

Elisabeth Colenbrander and Marten Materman
(1906-1989) – (1905-1988)

Gerrit Hendrik Colenbrander

Hendrik Gerritsen and Wilhelmina Christina Grobbe
(1908-1983) - (1906-1982)

Son of Hendrika Johanna Kolenbrander (1886-1924) and Hendrik Willem Gerritsen (1887-1966).

Anna Kolenbrander

Everdina Maria van der Vlerk

Daughter of Petronella Johanna Everdina Kolenbrander (1877-?) and Andries van der Vlerk (1877-1937).

Dirk Willem Kolenbrander and Alida Groenendijk
(1908-1989) - (1910-1996)

He was an inspector of the Zuiderzee works.

Dirk John Kolenbrander and Nellie van Heukelom
(1908-1995) - (1907-1999)

On their wedding day 28.08.1934.

Dirk John Kolenbrander and Nellie van Heukelom
(1908-1995) - (1907-1999)

After his graduation from Western Theological Seminary in 1934 he served as reverend until his retirement in 1973.

Dirk Kolenbrander and Geertrui Magdalena Mol
(1909-1984) - (1909-1995)

With their children from left to right:
top row  -  Dirk Gerard, Petrus Johannes, Jan Karel (1939-1984), Klaas Jan, Adriana
bottom row  -  Agaatha, Lenie.

Cornelis Bernardus Gerritsen and Gerdina Stevina Aalderink
(1910-1946) – (1913-1993)

Son of Hendrika Johanna Kolenbrander (1886-1924) and Hendrik Willem Gerritsen (1887-1966).

Freda Pearl Terpstra

Wife of reverend Henry William Kolenbrander (1907-2001).

Jan Karel Kolenbrander and Neeltje van Wezel
(1911-1993) - (1913-1998)

William Bernard Kolenbrander and Helene Van Gorp
(1911-1983) - (1912-2001)

After his graduation from Western Theological Seminary in 1938 he served as reverend until his retirement in 1975.

William Bernard Kolenbrander

?, ?, James John Kolenbrander (1912-1993), Grace Opal Quick (1918-1989), Helene van Gorp (1912-2001), Marilyn Joyce Kolenbrander (1939) and William Bernard Kolenbrander.

Jacqueline Lilian Colenbrander and Arthur St Clair Gibson
(1911-1991) - (1911-)

Arthur was a director of the printing company Hayne & Gibson.

Arnold Benjamin Colenbrander

Zulu nickname ‘Mashanela’ which means ‘The Clean Sweeper’. His English nickname was ‘Coley’.

He made an outstanding career in the Civil Service and rose to the rank of Chief Bantu Affairs Commissioner. He was closely involved to bring about the self-governing state of KwaZulu. After the proclamation on April 1st, 1972 he was appointed Director for the Department of Justice in KwaZulu.
During World War II his career was interrupted. He enlisted and was posted to the Prince Alfred's Guard which was to become a tank regiment. As a Lieutenant and Troop Commander he took part in the battles in Italy, among them Monte Cassino and Celleno. At the latter one he was wounded when he was ‘blown out’ of the turret of his tank.

His memoirs are published under the title ‘Coley’s Odyssey’.

James John Kolenbrander

Grace Opal Quick

Wife of James John Kolenbrander (1912-1993).

Grace Opal Quick

Wife of James John Kolenbrander (1912-1993) and their four daughters.

Johan Cornelius Alphonse Lawrence Colenbrander and Enid Beatrice Diana Bone
(1912-1999) - (1916-2006)

In World War II he served in the Royal Air Force and ultimately made Wing Commander Senior Medical Officer. In 1951 he returned to South Africa after he learned of the shortages of radiologists in that country. He played a leading role in the expansion and development of Edendale, the large Zulu hospital near Pietermaritzburg, after its opening on January 1st, 1954.

Arend John Colenbrander and Egbert Arnold Johannes Colenbrander
(1912-1976) - (1917-1921)

Derk Jan te Rietstap

Son of Bertha Colenbrander (1890-1937) and Gerrit Jan te Rietstap (1882-1955).

During World War II he was a member of the 'Trouw" resistance group in Bergentheim (Ov). He was arrested on 12.01.1945 together with 9 other resistance members, among them his cousin Gerrit Jan Ormel. On 20.02.1945 they were transferred to the prison in Doetinchem.

On 27.02.1945 three German soldiers were killed between Dinxperlo and Aalten by the resistance. As retaliation the Germans took 46 prisoners from Doetinchem, among them Derk Jan and Gerrit Jan, and brought them to Rademakersbroek near Varsseveld, where they were executed by a firing squad on 02.03.1945.

Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander

Petrus Johannes Kolenbrander and Antje Poldervaart
(1913-1983) - (1912-1965)

Derk Willem Colenbrander

Gerrit Jan Thiele

Son of Geesje Kolenbrander (1889-1946) and Hendrik Jan Thiele (1888-1974).

Antoine Jacobus Johannes Colenbrander

Magdalena Maria Pennings

Wife of Antoine Jacobus Johannes Colenbrander (1915-1990).

Marinus Hendricus Colenbrander

In WW II he was interned in concentration camp Vught from 16.04.1943 till 08.11.1943. Later on he was imprisoned in concentration camp Amersfoort and transfered to the Leipziger Werkzeug und Gerätefabriek in Leipzig (DEU) on 30.03.1944. He returned on 10.06.1945.

Jan Willem Luuring

Son of Cornelia Frederica Colenbrander (1871-1938) and Jan Willem Luuring (1874-1930).

Johannes Nicolaas Kolenbrander and Jannetje Schouten
(1916-1997) - (1917-1993)

On their wedding day 29.07.1942.

Maria Diderika Kolenbrander and Pieter Gerrit Jautze
(1916-1995) - (1910-1972)

On their wedding day 05.06.1940.

Margaret Evelyn Colenbrander and Eric Phfeilitzer Hunt
(1916-1999) - (1911-2007)

On their wedding day 01.06.1940.

Margaret Evelyn Colenbrander and Eric Phfeilitzer Hunt
(1916-1999) - (1911-2007)

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander

With his father Hendrik Kolenbrander (1881-1971).

Hermina Snijders

Wife of Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1917-1975).

Adrian Montague Colenbrander

He took part in the Battle of Alamein and while leading his squadron (2nd South African Fighter Squadron) was killed in action, shot down by flak. He crashed in the Gulf of Bomba, 4 miles East of Timini, flying a Curtis P-40D Kittyhawk MK I.

Adrian Montague Colenbrander

On the left Lt. Pieter Fritz and on the right Lt. Basil Guest. Only Basil Guest survived the war.

Gerrit Jan Colenbrander

Wearing his uniform of the Nederlandsche Binnenlandsche Strijdkrachten (Interior Military Forces of The Netherlands) in 1944.

Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander and Trijntje Dorgelo
(1918-2012) - (1920-1997)

On their wedding day 22.08.1945.

Hendricus Johannes Colenbrander

His family emigrated to Australia in 1959.

Jantje Kolenbrander

Leendert Kolenbrander and Ida van der Touw
(1920-1980) - (1922-2007)

On their wedding day 28.05.1946.

Mildred Colenbrander

Dina Leferink

Daughter of Geesje Kolenbrander (1898-1947) and Geert Leferink (1888-1984).

Trijntje Kolenbrander and Derk Jan Bril
(1921-2008) - (1912-1993)

Trijntje Kolenbrander and Derk Jan Bril
(1921-2008) - (1912-1993)

With Jantiena Margreta Hindriks (1897-1977) wife of Gerrit Jan Kolenbrander (1897-1968).

Bertus Koolenbrander and Marie Kranenbarg
(1921-1972) - (1922-2005)

With their children Angelina Bernarda and Marinus.

Frans Christiaan van Oosten

Son of Niescina Margaretha Anna van Hecking Colenbrander (1900) and Anton van Oosten (1897).

Johanna Hendrika Groen

Daughter of Johanna Maria Cornelia Gerardina Kolenbrander (1894-1966) and Hermanus Cornelis Groen (1893-1979).

Everharda Johanna Gijsbers

Daughter of Willemina Berendina Colenbrander (1888-1956) and Jan Willem Gijsbers (1889-1954).

Berendina Jacoba Semmelink

Daughter of Johanna Berendina Colenbrander (1890-1981) and Johan Herman Semmelink (1884-1953).

Adriana Johanna Colenbrander

John Colenbrander and Frances Penelope Mackay
(1922-1999) - (1925-2005)

John Colenbrander

Frances Penelope Mackay

Wife of John Colenbrander (1922-1999).

Gerardus Johannes Kolenbrander and Cornelia van de Meeberg
(1922-2002) - (1929)

On their wedding day 23.04.1953.

Dirk Pieter Spiering

Husband of Louise Charlotte Cornéli Kolenbrander (1927-2016).

Wilhelmus Stephanus Kolenbrander and Johanna Geertruida Maria Cornelissen
(1922-2000) - (1938-2019)

On their wedding day 07.02.1959.

Adolf Willem Westerveld and Grada Wesselina Grievink
(1923-2005) – (1922-2016)

Son of Willemina Theodora Colenbrander (1891-1964) and Berend Hendrik Westerveld (1891-1955).

Jacobus Fredrik van Drie

Husband of Wilhelmina Colenbrander (1922-1982).

Bernard Colenbrander and Elisabeth Jenneke Schouten
(1924-1991) - (1924-1995)

Standing in front of their bicycle shop.

Cornelis Johannes Koolenbrander and Houkje Kremer
(1924-1996) - (1928-2012)

On their wedding day 01.06.1949.

Geert Kolenbrander and Gerritdina Zwols
(1924-2010) - (1920-1996)

Henry Paul Colenbrander

He served in the US Navy during World War II. When he returned from duty he completed his college degree and became a teacher and coach at Northwestern College in Orange City IA. He later continued as football and basketball coach. In 12 years of coaching basketball his squads won more than 200 games and captured three state championships. His 11 years as football coach were highlighted by a 15-game winning streak from 1953 to 1954. In 1963, he moved his family to Holland MI to attend Western Seminary. During this time he officiated many games in local high schools. After his graduation he served as pastor of Maplewood Reformed Church for 12 years. Following his retirement from the ministry he continued until the age of 88 to preach and lead church services in many area churches. During this time he also built 36 houses in the Holland area.

Antonius Bernardus Hendrikus Kolenbrander and Helga Adèle Kersten
(1924-1983) - (1934-1970)

On their wedding day 16.04.1962.

Ludovicus Adrianus Everardus Frederik Ruppert and Johanna Maria Kruiswijk
(1924-2008) – (1924-2009)

Son of Theodora Andrea Colenbrander 1899-1981) and Frederik Christiaan Ruppert (1896-1965).

On their wedding day 03.07.1947.

Willem Kolenbrander

Edwin K. Kolenbrander and Bernice A. Kleinheksel
(1925-2013) - (1925-2015)

Bernice A. Kleinheksel

Wife of Edwin K. Kolenbrander (1925-2013).

Hendrik Willem Colenbrander and Jacomina Maria Bosman
(1925-2018) – (1927)

Wilhelmina Antonia Alberta Kolenbrander and Theodorus Martinus Beijer
(1925-2015) - (1930-2000)

On their wedding day 28.12.1960.

Vernon Franklin Colenbrander

He enlisted in the US Navy and served as a fire control man on the LSMR #189 in the Pacific Theater.
In 1954 he graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Dairy Science and was named the Washington State University Agricultural Student of the Year. In August of 1957 he received his MA in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin. From 1957 to 1960 Vernon was the Whatcom County Dairy Extension Agent. He earned his PhD in Animal Nutrition from Kansas State University in 1965 and then accepted a Professorship in Dairy Nutrition at Purdue University. In 1990 he retired from Purdue.

Johan Kolenbrander

Elisabeth Kornelia Koolenbrander and Herbert Aalderink
(1926-2017) - (1921-2017)

On their wedding day 07.12.1973.

Gerhard Albertus Koolenbrander and Stoffelina Huberdina Overbeeke
(1927-1998) - (1927-2013)

Together with their children Bernard Christiaan and Marina.

Stoffelina Huberdina Overbeeke

Wife of Gerhard Albertus Koolenbrander (1927-1998).

Emilie Rienks

Wife of Fenmo Colenbrander (1907-1975).

Theodora Wilhelmina Kolenbrander and Antonius Theodorus Berendsen
(1929) - (1924-2002)

On their wedding day 23.01.1952.

Gerhard Louis Kolenbrander and Hendrika Geertruida Wennink
(1929-2020) - (1932-2019)

On their wedding day 22.10.1959.

Eleanor Beatrice Colenbrander

Gordon Henry Brink

Husband of Eleanor Beatrice Colenbrander (1930-2013).

Herman Strating

Son of Dirkje Johanna Kolenbrander (1899-1989) and Willem Strating (1898-1966).

Clasina Kolenbrander and Arie van ‘t Hoog
(1931-2005) - (1922-2004)

On their wedding day 18.09.1957.

Jeanne Maria Veth

Wife of Pieter Jan Daniel Colenbrander (1922-1977).

Mary Adolfiena Montong

Wife of Willem Colenbrander (1928-2001).

Joachim Bernardus Kolenbrander and Johanna Hermina Bernhardina Bergevoet
(1933-1995) - (1937-2011)

On their wedding day 15.09.1958.

Arnoldus Kolenbrander and Willemina Wouterina Zonneveld
(1934) – (1936-1998)

On their wedding day 10.02.1959.

Alida Woudrina Kolenbrander

Herman Gerhard Christiaan Colenbrander

He graduated from the Technical University of Delft in 1966 and worked his entire professional life for the Westinghouse Atomic Power Division in the USA.

Christel Banze

Wife of Herman Gerhard Christiaan Colenbrander (1937-2020).

Harry Carl Kolenbrander

Mary Jane Kolenbrander and Dick Bernard Yskes
(1939-2015) – (1936-2020)

On their wedding day 22.12.1959.

Ludovicus Gerardus Augustinus Colenbrander

Paul Edwin Kolenbrander

Paul's career as a microbiologist at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in Bethesda MD led to interaction with researchers from all over the world as he mentored postdocs (from the United States, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom) in his lab and presented papers at international conferences. His innovative research examined communities of bacteria in the mouth and discovered how they interacted. For example, which species attached to teeth first after visiting the dentist, which followed, and what did the bacteria produce and exchange to encourage this progression.
Paul moved to Maury Island WA in the Fall of 2009 and was known for his joyous greeting of "Good Morning". Gardening was his passion in retirement, as well as reading, hiking and backpacking, photography, travelling, playing games and cards, and just hanging out with family and friends.

Lawrence Gene Kolenbrander

He earned his master's and doctoral degrees at Colorado State University in Fort Collins CO in 1975 and 1981, respectively. He worked as an independent planning consultant in Loveland CO, before joining the Western Carolina University faculty in 1985 as coordinator of the university's new program in natural resources management.
During his 20 years of leadership, the natural resources management program grew from one to four faculty members and more than 300 students graduated. He also served as head of the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources for more than 10 years, and under his leadership the department grew in faculty, resources, majors and quality.
Known as "Doc" to his students he retired as emeritus professor.

Aaltje Geertruida Adriana Colenbrander

Johan Dirk Colenbrander

Adriaan Gerhard Louis Kolenbrander

Ronald William Kolenbrander

Ron earned a BA in history and social sciences from Southwest Minnesota State University, an MA in history from Emporia State University and an MA in political science and a PhD in adult education at Kansas State University. He spent his life as an educator.

He taught US history and government at Manhattan High School in Manhattan KS from 1973 to 1989. In 1989 he took a faculty position teaching future social science teachers at Radford University in Radford VA. He retired in 2012 as emeritus professor.

Dina Johanna Colenbrander

Hendrik Kolenbrander

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