Catherine Gloster


Third wife of Johan Willem Colenbrander (1855-1918)

The Gloster family – circa 1898 at Clonmellane House, Firies, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Front from left to right: Mr. Heffernan (family friend), Esther Anne Groves (1845-1933) with Maurice Beatty Gloster (1896) son of Arthur Gloster and Eleanor Mary Beattie, James Gloster (1837-1916), Catharine Gloster (1878-1972), wife of Johan Willem Colenbrander (1855-1918)

Back from left to right: Esther Ann Gloster (1888-1980), Thomas Gloster (1883), Arthur Gloster (1867-1922), James Gloster (1869-1946), Frances Ann (1864-1950) wife of James Gloster, Cornelius Gloster (1872-1907), Mary Jane Gloster (1875-1975).

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