Arnold Benjamin Colenbrander


Zulu nickname ‘Mashanela’ which means ‘The Clean Sweeper’. His English nickname was ‘Coley’.

He made an outstanding career in the Civil Service and rose to the rank of Chief Bantu Affairs Commissioner. He was closely involved to bring about the self-governing state of KwaZulu. After the proclamation on April 1st, 1972 he was appointed Director for the Department of Justice in KwaZulu.
During World War II his career was interrupted. He enlisted and was posted to the Prince Alfred’s Guard which was to become a tank regiment. As a Lieutenant and Troop Commander he took part in the battles in Italy, among them Monte Cassino and Celleno. At the latter one he was wounded when he was ‘blown out’ of the turret of his tank.

His memoirs are published under the title ‘Coley’s Odyssey’.

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